Welcome to GotWeeds? – the non-native invasive weed consultation, training, treatment, and information-exchange site.  GotWeeds? is committed to the use of non-synthetic weed control methods, which means that toxins are out but flame treatments and manual control methods are in.  Best of course to assess the site and discuss the long-term vision first, but GotWeeds? seeks to demonstrate that awareness, monitoring, and early detection are strong tools in the campaign to protect treasured landscapes.  Combine those tools with some gritty,  strenuous work up front, and you are well on your way to a healthy and resilient property.  I can help you attain that vision.

In creating this website, one of my goals was to offer landowners an information exchange, enabling them to cost-compare treatment options for non-native invasive weeds.  While all sites and infestations are unique, an information exchange can be useful in determining the most appropriate and effective approach.

Should you choose to pursue non-synythetic treatments that will endure over the long term, please contact Mike Bald at choosewiselyvt@gmail.com.  Thank you for choosing wisely and thinking beyond your own needs.

Speaking with a group during a post-Irene weed consultation, Royalton, May 2012

Speaking with a group during a post-Irene weed consultation,  Royalton, Vermont, May 2012

~Mike Bald, Founder of Got Weeds?

I might offer a clarification here – before I launched Got Weeds? I ran with the handle treeguyvt.  I like that the name captures the work I did and continue to do with site rehabilitations.  So the treeguyvt address and user name are still active and I attempt to steer the social media and constant resource information there, in order to allow choosewiselyvt to focus on current projects and the immediate happenings at Got Weeds?.  There’s a lot of information to manage, so thank you.

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