Some Numbers from the 2018 Growing Season

Every project site is tracked for visit dates, hours of work, re-growth rates on target species, and quantities pulled or stump-cut.  Many years of data helps guide future work in the interest of precision and efficiency.  So in 2018, totaling all complete pulls from all 28 “danger plant” sites, I end up with 41,946; that’s for wild chervil, wild parsnip, and giant hogweed.  Partial pulls or break-offs don’t count, not on this team.

Moving to the shrubs, the buckthorns in particular, I totaled 15,371 pulls on four sample properties (approx. 250 acres).   Stump-cutting or girdling of larger shrubs added another 1413 to the total.  The final piece in the effort equation is stripping of re-growth wherever a shrub has tried to re-sprout; that figure is much more difficult to track over a workday since one may address multiple species and varying degrees of re-sprout.  I’ve learned that I’ll typically strip a couple hundred shrubs in a typical day of pulling.  Potato forks, Felco pruning saws, good loppers, and a good stretch routine…

About choosewiselyvt

Working the great outdoors in central New England. Brilliant fun to be on the land and to meet great people while steadily rehabilitating natural systems.
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