Thanks for the Good Work!

I just want to give a big shout out to all the folks out there doing valuable work on the ground, particularly in the “danger plant” realm.  I keep hearing about small community groups doing their part to keep wild parsnip and wild chervil OUT.  Out of their neighborhood park or off the school grounds or such.  Along road corridors too, which does not come without risk, so THANK YOU!!!  You’re making a difference, and I do know there’s not a whole lot of support out there.  Local champions have to be the lead.

I’ll remind you here to do one final sweep in the fall months until you get a good hard frost.  I have seen wild parsnip still flowering on 24 October, so it does not ever give up.  We have to carry on with the same such determination.  Again, I applaud your work!

About choosewiselyvt

Working the great outdoors in central New England. Brilliant fun to be on the land and to meet great people while steadily rehabilitating natural systems.
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