Services Offered

Got Weeds? offers:

  • Consultations to assess sites and consider treatment options, may include a project proposal if requested
  • Exotic weed identification training and specific removal techniques
  • Manual control work, flaming, solarizing, monitoring, and site rehabilitation (re-vegetation with native plants)
  • An information exchange service to share successful non-synthetic practices:  The Exchange

Got Weeds? offers landowners, farmers, growers, and gardeners a suite of exotic plant control services.  The first step in developing an invasive plant management plan is to take inventory of the species on hand and to identify areas of particular sensitivity or importance.  The purpose of the management plan is to roadmap the progressive movement toward future conditions and goals envisioned for the property.

With a long-range plan in hand, owners can choose to continue with treatment options, or they can use the information-exchange to determine their own approach based on the successes or experiences of others.  Manual control options for certain species are available as part of a larger treatment framework.  The control effort may extend over several growing seasons and will include post-treatment monitoring and training for the landowners.

Got Weeds? is not a lawn care company and therefore does not offer lawn treatments or advice.  The focus is on woodlands, field edges, sugarbushes, riparian habitats (streamside) and other areas not kept under cultivation.  Keep in mind that invasive weeds do not just go away on their own, and it is typical for them to undergo phases of sudden, explosive growth.  We do not completely understand all of these specific mechanisms, but it is certainly safe to say that the “early detection, rapid response” philosophy is the most cost-effective approach over the long run.

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