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Working the great outdoors in central New England. Brilliant fun to be on the land and to meet great people while steadily rehabilitating natural systems.

The Heavy Seeders

Folks always ask me about wild chervil and garlic mustard, two seed-propagating plant species that tend to colonize woodlines, roadsides, and river corridors.  What is the window for control / removal? I say get after wild chervil all the time, … Continue reading

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Wild Parsnip, help with ID

The photo below is a good one for seeing what a large infestation looks like. Lots of yellow, even overwhelming the Christmas trees for the moment. And on both sides of the photo, individual plants stand out, particularly the flower … Continue reading

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Don’t Stop Now…

Most landscapes are impacted by a dozen or so invasive plant species.  They all operate on their own calendar, and we scramble to keep up.  A clean, complete extraction of the target plant generally eliminates re-sprout, but most important early … Continue reading

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The first waves of parsnip are down.  More will follow, as shall I. Was curious to know the seed count on one particularly huge wild parsnip.  I had ballparked 2500 as a good working average a couple years ago, but … Continue reading

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A Strong Start to 2015

Be smart and be careful as you work with  your landscape / farm / garden.  Breaking the seed cycle is a powerful tool, and the place to do that is at critical chokepoints or gateways on your land.  Keep the … Continue reading

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Welcome to GotWeeds? – the non-native invasive weed consultation, training, treatment, and information-exchange site.  GotWeeds? is committed to the use of non-synthetic weed control methods, which means that toxins are out but flame treatments and manual control methods are in.  … Continue reading

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