“Continuing Stewardship: Of Presence and Potato Forks”, published in The Natural Farmer, Summer 2020 issue.

“Love you some Burdock and Pass the Polygonum!”, in The Bennington Banner, April, 2018,537513

“Mike Bald.  A Steward of Native Flora”, published in Profiles in Conservation, USDA, 2017

A pdf version is available on the website below.

“Mike Bald’s Mission to Eradicate Invasive Plants”, published in Seven Days, August, 2016

Stewardship = Presence  (June, 2016, Ecological Landscape Alliance)

So Why Don’t You Use the Chems, Mike?  (Sept., 2016, Ecological Landscape Alliance)

Managing for sunlight is the real issue in managing a landscape:

Sunlight Management (2012)

The fundamental question:

So Why do They Always Come Back? (2011)

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