Weed Consults

The idea behind a consult is that we can have a conversation and give you some useful information.  While I am happy to discuss your site or situation over the phone or by email, it is often best to actually set foot on impacted sites.  If nothing else, a site visit allows me to see what the “approach” to your property looks like.  If your world for miles around is well populated with wild chervil, I would caution that your property will always run a high risk of re-infestation, regardless of the control measures you pursue.  I’m also better able to appreciate the play of sunlight on the land, the relative dominance of native species, and that other invasive waiting in the wings for an opportunity.

That said, email communication is welcome, and photos would likely clarify any descriptions you offer.  Do your best with photos to capture leaves of the plant and any important details on the stem.  The flower is also important, but we really need to act on the seed-spreaders before flowering peaks, so I encourage you to ask questions early rather than waiting to see the flowers.

So please contact me to arrange a site visit if you have concerns.  Sites are often complex and it sometimes works to break them up by usage or by natural features.  We would clearly treat a streamside area differently than a field edge or a shaded forest location.  The consult leads us to the management piece and a treatment proposal.

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