What’s ahead as Summer gives way to Fall

I enjoyed as always the Summer Conference put on by the good folks of NOFA MASS.  That’s the Northeast Organic Farming Association.  A great gathering, well organized. Someday… someday… I’m going to make it up to Maine for Common Ground, a September event.  But not in 2019… no, this fall I have two presentations lined up for the annual NAISMA conference in early October.  NAISMA is the North American Invasive Species Management Association, and they meet this year in Saratoga.  So I hope to learn a lot and will share what I’ve encountered in the world of wild parsnip.  Will also put some thoughts out there on why we’re better off focusing on Rehabilitation of landscapes rather than seeking to Restore them.  Maybe I can figure out how to share those presentations later.

For now, enjoy an interview I did with James Ehlers on Peoples Voice Radio.  There’s a play button on a small time-lapse bar above all the descriptive wording; the interview begins after a few minutes of introduction.  Some powerful and relevant poetry was a nice touch to the conversation – there’s a second poem at the very end as well.  We covered a good bit of ground…

Here’s the link:  https://peoplesvoiceradio.com/podcast/season-5-episode-19/


About choosewiselyvt

Working the great outdoors in central New England. Brilliant fun to be on the land and to meet great people while steadily rehabilitating natural systems.
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