Got Weeds? is located in central Vermont, midway between Montpelier and White River Junction.  It’s just me, one person, Mike Bald.  My preferred approach with work capacity is to partner with other proven, specialized businesses rather than hiring folks myself.  So if I’m not the best fit for you or if the calendar is full, we’ll see what the network has to offer.

Your best option for getting in touch is by email: .  I’m typically out of cell range, but that # is  802-345-8299.  Call anytime…. Got Weeds? operates wherever exotic weeds are found, so you can choose wisely even from faraway places like New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Arkansas, and Michigan.

Please do let me know in your message if there is a particular urgency to your situation.  An example of an emergency would be a never-before-seen, fast-growing vine on your property!

3 Responses to Contact

  1. We have been invaded since a few years ago by one of the worse toxic weeds; bishopweed or goutweed. I can’t get rid of it; and am having a hard time keeping up with it. I am disabled so my energy is limited. Don’t know what to do. Can you tell me how to do it? Alot of it is in with my perennial gardens; and don’t want to kill those plants.

    • treeguyvt says:

      Hi Kathleen, and thanks for your comment.
      I totally hear you. Goutweed is tenacious… I have not read up much on the toxicity you mention, but nonetheless, a monoculture of goutweed is not what most people envision with their landscape.
      I’d invite you to read over the Goutweed Suggestions write-up that I posted last spring. Have you seen that already? I don’ claim to have all the answers, but I think some collective experimentation on the part of many landowners could move us all forward in controlling goutweed. I especially emphasize that the real struggle between the plants is below ground, so holding that space is vital. There are always many variables that impact a site and its associated control effort, so I urge everyone to try some variation of the approach mentioned in the Suggestions. And keep notes, really good notes, that we can learn from later.

  2. Kelly Stettner says:

    Hi, Mike; really looking forward to hosting your presentation here in Springfield VT on 11/20/19!

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