The first waves of parsnip are down.  More will follow, as shall I.

Was curious to know the seed count on one particularly huge wild parsnip.  I had ballparked 2500 as a good working average a couple years ago, but this trophy plant last week easily topped 15,000.  Impressive.

I’m able to pull thousands in a day, targeting the most mature plants first.  Since those will have viable seed earliest, it’s important to buy time and catch them.  Good sunny days dry out and bake the plants very quickly – no time lost to piling or removing from site.

More long days ahead!


About choosewiselyvt

Working the great outdoors in central New England. Brilliant fun to be on the land and to meet great people while steadily rehabilitating natural systems.
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One Response to Relentless

  1. Victoria Weber says:

    Good work, Relentless Mike!
    Glad you are working on the wild parsnip! I managed to take the few plants that have appeared along my stretch of road over the past few years, so none right now, but they will keep coming, as does the chervil.
    Thanks for keeping us posted and providing a good example of a person willing to do the physical work to deal with these terrestrial invasives. I only wish we could clone you – we could use 15,000 more of you! (Imagine if 15,000 people were willing to commit to working actively on invasives! – That is the kind of vision that we need to create and then figure out how to actually cause it to happen.)
    cheers- Victoria Weber

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