A Strong Start to 2015

Be smart and be careful as you work with  your landscape / farm / garden.  Breaking the seed cycle is a powerful tool, and the place to do that is at critical chokepoints or gateways on your land.  Keep the focus on outliers and colonizers if you already have an invasive species established, and work to bring in competition… durable native species.  I don’t encourage a lot of smothering, but a heavy tarp or old plywood will absolutely smother the wild chervil beneath it.  But not a blue tarp… not effective.  Smothering and strip mowing can contain a patch and prevent expansion, but there’s no way around the old “patient pulling and vigilance” approach.

I’ll urge you to watch for poison ivy as well.  This is a banner year…. it’s now on many of my sites, in impressive size and quantity.  I attempt to leave it alone as a native plant, but it’s a tough species to work around.  I see ivy as a mimic to the plants nearby.  Under grapevines, it takes a similar size and color, near hog peanut the ivy is much smaller and dainty, under box elder saplings you could easily misread it for box elder.  Tricky.


About choosewiselyvt

Working the great outdoors in central New England. Brilliant fun to be on the land and to meet great people while steadily rehabilitating natural systems.
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